The FC Model

FC Advisors employs a balanced service model that pays equal attention to our clients' planning and investment management needs. Our client-centric philosophy means we offer a high level of customization, and view your plan and related investment strategies as individual and distinct.

Financial Planning

Prudent, comprehensive financial planning depends on communication, a virtue FC Advisors holds in the highest esteem. Our client relationships are the foundation on which we plan life’s big financial decisions. Throughout this process, we’ll help you address questions you have and equip you with the questions you don’t yet know to ask.

Retirement Planning

If we get this part right, the rest falls into place. It begins with realistic projections with regards to income potential, expenses and savings. We address critical issues including, liability and risk exposure, college savings, stock option management, and business succession.

Estate Planning

Many of our clients have reached a point in their careers and lives where the wealth they have generated has opened new opportunities, but also presented increasing complex challenges. As a team, including outside counsel, we’ll build the requisite structure to earmark your wealth in a fluid, tax-efficient manner.

Tax Planning

One of our core objectives is to thoughtfully reduce our clients’ tax burden. We stay on the forefront of sensible and unique strategies that may include timed securities liquidation, the use of appropriate legal entities, gifting, and tax favored investments.

Charitable Giving

Many of our clients express philanthropy as a driving value. For these clients, FC Advisors can implement a broad array of strategies to ensure both long and short-term charitable objectives are met. Often, the means by which we address these objectives can also provide significant tax benefits.

Investment Management

Unlike common industry practice, we shy away from blanket allocation models and catch-all approaches. We utilize sophisticated technology, in conjunction with the human elements of knowledge and discretion to develop easily adaptable, personalized models.

Asset Allocation

Stocks, bonds, cash—how you invest your assets into these respective classes is one of the most important factors in optimizing returns. Asset allocation is based on your financial objectives as well as your tolerance for risk. The best financial strategy puts asset allocation at the forefront.

Maintaining Balance

Once we’ve structured your portfolio, we’ll help you stick to it. Rebalancing to maintain your allocations, within a specific range, exists to help control risk and ensure the proportion of investments in a given asset class in line with how the portfolio was originally constructed.

Market Vision

We approach your portfolio with an expansive view. This requires the consideration of how different investments flourish or retract in the face of external forces such as, inflation, geopolitical climate, currency exchange rates and technological trends. It’s an imperative your portfolio address these pressures.

Opportunistic Investing

Warren Buffet said, “to be brave when others are fearful, and fearful when others are brave.” Opportunistic investment strategies capitalize on exactly this sentiment. FC Advisors constantly assesses undervalued securities, out-of-favor market sectors, and geo-political events that may create opportunity to invest at discounted valuations.

Staying Ahead of Taxes

Mitigating your tax load is a two-fold strategy. When structuring your portfolio, we pay attention to the historical tax treatment of different asset classes. For instance, assets that commonly lend to higher taxes should most often be prioritized in tax-sheltered accounts. Additionally, when selling investments, we’ll keep an eye on capital losses and capital gains and do our best to efficiently offset.