Why FC Advisors?

As a boutique firm motivated by our client-relationships, we focus on you. Our collaborative model integrates a broad range of industry experts in areas including, asset management, estate planning, taxation, business succession and insurance. This depth of expertise, coupled with uncompromising values, allows us to provide a true, holistic, client-centric experience.


How is it possible to choose the best counsel in an enormous pool of seemingly worthy candidates? The breadth of options can drown out what’s actually rare in this industry: financial counsel based on values. Open communication, goodwill, honesty, and personal dedication can’t be quantified. They are the makings of strong client relationships and ultimately differentiate FC Advisors from any other firm. This is authenticity that can't be replicated.


The process of becoming an FC Advisors client relies on three steps.


It starts with a conversation. We’ll ask questions and listen. These questions are designed to help you articulate your goals, detail your current situations, and provide us perspective on your short and long-term goals.


We use our initial conversations as a framework for subsequent interpretive discussion and further clarification of your objectives. Based on the revelations we’ve gleaned from this communication, we’ll interpret your immediate and long-term needs. Once we’ve come up with a proactive plan, we’ll walk you through the preliminary FC Advisors strategy and ensure that our plans align with your goals.


Once we’ve ascertained a comprehensive picture of your current financial status and future objectives, we then prioritize a set of planning steps and begin the implementation process. We utilize sophisticated applications, combined insight and discernment, to customize a unique investment portfolio. Depending on the need, we also integrate additional partners/resources on your behalf. Our resource integration may also include collaboration with any existing legal, tax and financial counsel you maintain.